The Heart of God

The heart of GodDo you ever wonder how God feels? We are His children running around and barely give him a passing nod or glance. Busy with our lives, building out empires and doing our daily activities, but do we really give him a second thought? How do you think it makes Him feel? Do we ever think about touching the heart of God?

Suppose our children or someone we were close to acted this way. You give them good things, provide for them, watch out for them, protect them and then you don’t even get a thank you, or any type of acknowledgement ever. The bus that almost hit you (you may have said something else, that we won’t mention here), but did you thank God for protecting you? The robber that was going to break in your house, but didn’t. The test results that the doctors had worked you up into a frenzy over, came back negative; you were glad they were negative, but did you stop and thank God? It could have been the other way.

An example that comes to mind is, I held the elevator for an elderly gentlement, he got on the elevator, pushed the button with his cane and never said thank you, smiled or anything. Now I really didn’t have to hold the elevator for him, and seeing that I did, he could have atleast acknowledged the gesture in some way, but he didn’t. His action, or lack thereof, kind of irritated me, but don’t we do this to God all the time. We act like little children, with an attitude of entitlement, instead of thanking God for the many, many blessings he bestows on us daily.

We are Blessed

If you woke up this morning and breathed air into your lungs, God blessed you with another day. If you got out of bed, with no assistance and were able to move means God blessed you with the activity of your limbs. If you picked out an outfit to wear, means He blessed you with clothes. If you primpted in the mirror, making sure you looked just right, means you have the gift of sight. All these things and more, we should be thankful for everyday.

It won’t hurt to say Thank You, I promise and what’s more important, you’ll touch the heart of God and make Him smile. That alone is a worthy cause.

Ephesians 5:19-20

Psalm 100

Psalm 136:26

1 Thessalonians 5:18